3 Giugno 2022
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3 Giugno 2022

Un nuovo capitolo nella vita di Benjamin Mascolo: è finito l’amore con Bella Torne

benjiamin mascolo e bella torne finita
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Benjamin Mascolo e Bella Torne si sono lasciati.

Dopo 3 anni d’amore e una promessa di matrimonio, la loro storia è arrivata al capolinea.

La notizia è stata resa nota con una lunga lettera in inglese pubblicata sui social.

Qui di seguito la lettera originale pubblicata da Benjamin Mascolo su Instagram, nella pagina successiva la traduzione in italiano.


A little more than 3 years ago I crossed roads with the most amazing human being. That day my life changed forever, and I’m deeply grateful for every single moment we shared together since. It’s been a truly humbling experience to grow with her on my side.

Through this person I have learned what unconditional love means, something only my parents blessed me with growing up and I’d not been able to fully open up to again and accept in my adult life before meeting her. I remember one of the first things she told me when we started dating, something so simple but profound it rewired the inside of my brain and soul.

“You are so beautiful”

No, I’m not – I said.

“lf you won’t let my compliments land, it will never work between us.”

So I let it land, thinking I was doing it for her, but what was for “her” was actually for “us” and became fundamental for “me” too: for the first time I started to believe I was actually worth something. Through her eyes I’ve learned to love myself, to feel beautiful, to feel accepted by accepting myself, with my countless flaws and imperfections. I will never be able to fully express in words what it means to be saved by someone, and it’s something I know with all my heart each and every living creature will experience at some point in its journey. Salvation.

Only God knows how many hearts I’ve broken and how many people I’ve hurt selfishly following my ego, of all the things I could and should have done better, and of that I take full responsibility, for all my sins and mistakes – but I know now it was all part of a bigger plan that guided me to where I am today.


I am now ready for a new chapter of my life and have complete faith in what is meant to be, I choose the path of truth above all.

I promised myself! will embrace the pain and the discomfort that comes with such separation from the woman I most love and always will love, knowing that these feelings we try to avoid at all cost are actually the catalyst for giving birth to a better world.

Pain will be my teacher, just as much as love was and will be again when its meant to be.

To fall in love is the most beautiful gift we can experience in life, and our story is one of the many that ends every day, leaving space to new beautiful unions and promises between people. Relationships are born and die, just like people, it’s the natural cycle of life and I fully accept it. This is by no means a failure on either side, because no real connection is “wasted” or “useless”, as “good” and “bad” are just a personal agenda the human mind labels on things, people and feelings, based upon our ego and identity, and not the word of God.

It was meant to be, and it was beautiful.
I wish only the best to this person and will always be there for her.

I love you, Ben

Nella prossima pagina la traduzione in italiano della lettera di Benjamin Mascolo.